Tundra Take Back / Toundra Popre

2014 – Present


Each year, tonnes of vehicles, appliances and other consumer goods are shipped to northern and remote Indigenous communities in Canada — never to return. These products make their way into uncontrolled dump sites, only to threaten communities by leaching a range of toxins — like oil, mercury, antifreeze, lead, refrigerants, and battery acid — into the land and water. To address this threat, Scout Environmental developed Tundra Take-Back: a practical skills development program that empowers northern and remote Indigenous communities to clean up their metal dumps, and in doing so, keep toxic pollutants out of the environment. Scout and a team of recycling experts travels to these affected communities to train residents to de-pollute end-of-life vehicles, decommission appliances, and recover the toxic pollutants, allowing communities to manage their waste on a sustainable, ongoing basis. So far, Scout has traveled to communities in Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec, Manitoba, Nunavut, and Newfoundland.