Retire Your Ride

2007 – 2011

Retire Your Ride was developed in collaboration with Environment Canada and executed in partnership with not-for-profit organizations, the vehicle recycling industry, retailers, and manufacturing partners across the country. The program offered Canadians a reliable, sustainable, and accessible program delivery infrastructure to collect old vehicles to be retired. Retire Your Ride ensured that these vehicles were recycled responsibly and offered valuable and effective rewards to participants. The program recorded and reported to program partners and the public on measurable and tangible environmental impacts, including amount of emissions prevented, the number of vehicles recycled, and the number of Canadians engaged through all marketing initiatives. The program retired more than 138,000 vehicles (1995 and older) from Canada’s roads, exceeding the target of 50,000 per year, resulting in a total reduction of approximately 5,000 tonnes of VOCs and NOx and 4.16 million litres of fluids.