Nova Scotia
Mercury Collection

Street lights, CFLs, florescent tubes, appliance switches, thermostats, thermometers, medical devices, and other products have been manufactured with mercury — a toxic heavy metal. But Nova Scotia residents, businesses, and institutions have the power to keep mercury out of the environment by properly recycling their mercury-containing products. Thanks to the Nova Scotia Mercury Collection Program, these products can be delivered to participating drop-off locations across the province to be safely recycled free of charge. Since the program launched in 2015, nearly 100 kilograms of mercury have been recovered thanks to the dedication of our participants and partners. Mercury is a toxic, persistent and bio-accumulative pollutant that threatens not only fish and wildlife, but also human health, making this work vital to keeping Nova Scotia clean.


Scout Environmental delivers the Nova Scotia Mercury Collection Program in partnership with EfficiencyOne Services and on behalf of Nova Scotia Power. We use standardized collection containers, streamlined transportation systems, and a combination of local and national recyclers and hazardous waste management companies to maximize efficiency and use local capacity wherever possible.