Car Heaven

2002 – 2011

Car Heaven was the first national accelerated vehicle retirement program that prevented greenhouse gas and smog-forming emissions and ensured environmentally responsible dismantling and recycling of vehicles. Car Heaven was delivered in partnership with a diverse group of other organizations, from Ford to OARA to Parachute to Retire Your Ride. The program recycled cars with a model year between 1996 and 2003, or 2003 or earlier if it was a business vehicle. Incentives were provided by Ford for those customers who wanted to retire their car through the Retire Your Ride program. After participants submitted documentation and were found eligible, their vehicles were collected by a network of 355 approved recyclers across Canada, administered by The Ontario Automotive Recyclers Association (OARA). Both pickup and drop-off service was available, depending on the region. Approximately 37,250 vehicles were recycled, preventing the release of an estimated 17,457 tonnes of carbon monoxide and 1816 tonnes of smog-forming emissions (VOC and NOX).