How to Start and Run a Bulk-Reuse Refillery

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Lead Shoppers to a Low-Waste Future

Bulk-reuse refilleries provide shoppers an opportunity to forgo single-use plastics by refilling containers they already own with pantry and personal care items. It’s a sustainable business model quickly growing in popularity as Canadians become more conscious of plastic waste.

Download our guide to learn how to start and run a bulk-reuse refillery.

Build a Business Plan

Create a business plan that will set your business up for success. Read about different funding resources, budget planning, and other startup essentials.

Create Your Space

Design a store that customers will look forward to visiting. From a functional layout to product dispensing and maintenance, no detail is too small.

Protect Health & Safety

Protect your shoppers and staff. Learn about health and safety regulations, container management, COVID-19 guidelines, and more.

Set a Realistic Budget

From business licences and employee wages to shelving and stock, use the "Planning Your Start-Up Budget" Excel worksheet to forecast your startup costs.

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