Who We Are

who we areScout Environmental offers unparalleled customer engagement strategies that using both digital and traditional techniques – which are the number one factor in program success.

We’re driven by client needs and are always looking for new ideas to incorporate into our initiatives.

We don’t just talk about what needs to be done — we actually do it! 


Ian Morton, Founder

Ian is an accomplished business leader and entrepreneur; responsible for producing some of the most innovative and effective market-based environment programs on air quality, product stewardship and energy conservation in Canada. Before founding Scout Environmental, he was responsible for Founding and acting as CEO at Summerhill. Under his leadership, the company expanded across Canada and into the United States, implementing programs for electric and gas utilities. He has been recognized by Strategy Magazine for his marketing expertise and was appointed to an advisory panel of eminent Canadians to provide advice and assistance to the Government of Canada on Climate Change.

Ian’s work has been recognized with a number of individual and organizational awards, including the Clean16 category leader for Retail and Consumer Products in the inaugural 2011 Clean50 rankings in Canada. He is the past recipient of The Lung Association’s Significant Contribution Award for his work developing the organizations environmental health program.

As a serial entrepreneur, Ian has established and operated over a dozen private and not-for-profit corporations including Summerhill, www.summerhill.com, the Environmental Centre for New Canadians (ECENECA), 2326333, The Healthy Indoors Partnership, Eco Generation Home Services and the Clean Air Foundation.

Ian is married, lives in Toronto and volunteers for a number of charitable organizations. He was the past Chairman of Pollution Probe, coaches/trains minor hockey teams and is a member of the Board of Directors for the Leaside Business Park. He is an avid hockey player, music enthusiast and lover of salads.


Dan Lantz, CEO

Dan has spent his career surrounded by or entrenched in recyclables, now with 28 years in the industry in many facets.  Although starting his career working with a municipality, he quickly moved to consulting where he spent 18 years working for various firms.  He did extensive consulting work for the newspaper, paper packaging and plastics packaging industries on packaging and stewardship issues getting to understand program costing long before EPR even came to Canada.  He did extensive work helping municipalities and industry across Canada and the United States improve the efficiency of their recycling systems and helping save millions of dollars in program operating costs.  He also worked with Stewardship Ontario helping develop the Blue Box Program Plan.  Dan also has more than eight years of recycling operations experience, most recently as the COO for Green by Nature EPR, implementing a completely new way of managing residential recyclables, for the entire province of British Columbia.

Dan loves school, almost to a fault.  He received his M.Sc. from the University of Dundee, Scotland; MBA from University of Toronto and is currently working on his doctorate in business administration, where he hopes to be done before his grandchild starts school.  He is a Canadian Environmental Professional (EP) in Waste Management, and Sustainability and a UK Member of the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management (MCIWM). Dan currently sits on the pacNEXT Board and is the co-chair of the Packaging Innovation Gateway Committee. 

Not shy about sharing knowledge or getting up in front of an audience in order to display his “passion” for the industry, Dan has written or presented more than 100 papers on diversion.

When not at work, he loves taking time out to hit the open road on his motorcycle, building or fixing something, spending quality time at the cottage with family, or cruising around in his 1937 Packard dressed like George Raft.


Melanie Dailey, Managing Director

Melanie is an experienced strategist specializing in environmental sustainability and employee, consumer, and community engagement.

Since 2007, Melanie has been responsible for designing and delivering innovative programs that address environmental and business priorities like energy efficiency, waste reduction, procurement policy, product stewardship, regulatory compliance, CSR and GHG reporting, and stakeholder engagement. 

Prior to taking on a leadership role at Scout, Melanie was the Director of Account Management and Development at Summerhill. In her 10 years at Summerhill, she had the pleasure of working with TJX Canada, Lowe’s Canada, Best Buy Canada, Costco Wholesale, Lush Fresh Cosmetics, Square One Shopping Center and many more.

Melanie’s strategies have resulted in annual cost savings for her clients of more than 5 million dollars, energy savings of more than 30 million kWh, and over 230,000 kg of electronic waste recycled.

Her employee engagement programs have encouraged over 20,000 Canadians to take action to reduce residential energy and water use, manage waste appropriately, and lead a healthier lifestyle.

When not at work, Melanie enjoys lakeside living in Willow Beach with her husband, their two sons, a dog, a cat, and a turtle named Karl.


Jennifer Court, Senior Director

Jennifer brings a breadth of experience in business development, program design and delivery, and stakeholder engagement to her role at Scout. In her role as Senior Director, Jennifer focuses on identifying opportunities and designing innovative programs, with a particular focus on stewardship and northern and remote regions.

Prior to her current role at Scout, Jennifer took on a leadership role with Summerhill Impact (SI), providing high-level oversight of a suite of SI’s stewardship and engagement programs, including Switch the ‘Stat, a national thermostat EPR program; Tundra Take-Back, which focuses on developing multi-stakeholders partnerships to address the issues of unmanaged ELVs in northern and remote dumpsites; a new multi-stream mercury diversion program in Nova Scotia, and Take Action on Radon, an engagement campaign to raise awareness of the risks associated with exposure to radon and encourage homeowners to set up long-term test kits. Previously, Jennifer delivered such diverse projects as, Health Canada’s Hazardcheck, an education program for indoor air quality; Clean Wake, a program delivered with the support of Honda Canada, focused on retiring two-stroke marine engines; and Mercury Reduction – Crematoria Outreach and Consultation, a research and stakeholder consultation project for the City of Toronto, focused on best practices to reduce mercury emissions from local crematoria.

Jennifer holds a Bachelors of Design from the Ontario College of Art & Design, a Masters of Environmental Studies from York University and a Graduate Diploma in Sustainable Business from the Schulich School of Business. Jennifer grew up in the Maritimes and is passionate about shellfish. She currently lives in Leslieville with too many books, but just the right number of cats (two).


Mike Driedger, Program Director

Mike is a Program Director with over 10 years of experience designing, developing and delivering quality projects focused on energy conservation, product stewardship, environmental health and sustainable transportation. His record of successful and impactful projects has occurred from the small to large scale across municipal, regional, provincial and national levels. Ranging from single-client to multi-partner and stakeholder initiatives, these projects have included collaborations with utilities, retailers, governments, associations, academics and non-profit organizations. Throughout these collaborations, and among his colleagues, he strives to create and maintain positive and productive relationships. His work experience is strengthened through an education in Environmental Studies, Sociology, Environmental Management, Program Management and Community-Based Social Marketing. Mike is an enthusiastic cyclist and active transportation proponent, and has encouraged an ongoing “bike club” for commuting and social outings among his colleagues. He is married, lives in Toronto and loves to explore the sights, sounds and tastes within his own city, as well as in destinations around the world.


Caroline Sturk, Program Director

Caroline is an experienced program manager who joined Summerhill in 2011 and worked on a number of mercury and end-of-life vehicle programs before taking on her current role as Program Director at Scout. She currently manages a multi-stream Mercury Diversion program for Nova Scotia Power and provides high-level direction to the Switch Out program, which she managed for three years. Caroline has also been involved with ARC’s Grants in Gear initiative and the Tundra Take-Back pilot in Nunavut. Caroline has presented at meetings and events across the country, designed outreach and training materials, including a practical guide for recycling end-of-life vehicles in the North, and worked with government and industry leaders to promote Scout programs. Before joining the troop, Caroline developed strong project management skills as Project Coordinator and Business Analyst in the IT sector. She has also has experience in regulatory approvals and in a previous position ensured that Ontario’s water and wastewater operators met requirements for certification upgrades and renewals. She holds a Bachelor of Environmental Studies from the University of Waterloo and gained valuable work experience in environmental assessment policy making, energy efficiency programming and waste management through the co-op education program.  Caroline lives in Toronto with her husband and toddler and likes spends her downtime cooking, traveling and chasing after her mini-me.


Shelby Kerbel, Program Manager

After studying Media, Information and Technoculture at the University of Western Ontario, Shelby had a thirst for travel and exploration, which led her to Lake Louise, Alberta, among other places. While in Alberta, she began to better understand the interaction between the built and natural environment and the importance of protecting our natural resources. This led to Shelby’s interest in environmental sustainability, which she further explored while studying Sustainable Energy and Building Technology at Humber College.

Following her graduation in 2014, Shelby joined Summerhill to provide support to several customer engagement campaigns and to Summerhill’s national mercury recovery programs, Switch Out and Switch the ‘Stat. Since that time she has also worked on Grants in Gear, a granting initiative for environmental not-for-profit groups funded by the Automotive Recyclers of Canada and Tundra Take-Back, a program that led her to Northern Labrador to de-pollute and recycle end-of-life vehicles and appliances.  She is now the Program Manager for Switch the ‘Stat, as well as leading several public engagement campaigns focusing on radon.

Shelby is an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys back-country hiking, camping and biking.


Jennifer Gunn, Account Manager

Jennifer brings expertise in stakeholder engagement, program management, and environmental marketing to her role as Account Manager for TJX Canada. The best part of her day is talking Big Ideas with clients and diving in to the messy complexities that come with innovation. Her professional mission is to participate in the normalization of environmental and socially sound business practices, by demonstrating their potential to increase profitability and human capital outcomes in everyday operations. Past Big Wins include the acceptance of her master’s thesis on the evolution of environmental marketing, contributing to improved access and quality of care for Canadians at two health organizations, and helping to increase the amount of waste diverted from landfill by engaging building occupants in behaviour change initiatives at a large office tower in downtown Toronto.

Outside of the office, Jennifer can be found on the yoga mat, cooking up a storm, or snuggled on the couch with a mug of hot tea and a good book.


Kasper Franciszkiewicz, Program Manager

Kasper is an experienced and passionate Program Manager who joined Scout Environmental in 2016 to aid in the design, development and delivery of mercury pollution prevention programs. He currently manages the Mercury Roundup program which is dedicated to collecting and safely disposing of mercury-containing products in Ontario’s municipalities. Kasper is also involved in the Nova Scotia Mercury Collection program and assists with a diversity of initiatives within Scout.

Before joining the Scout team, Kasper received his bachelor’s in Environmental Management from York University, an Ecology diploma from Fleming College and conquered his Project Management Professional designation.  Kasper is dedicated to working on the front-lines of environmental initiatives and lives for developing collaborative, creative solutions.

Fun Fact: Kasper loves primatology and spent three months tracking capuchin monkeys in the Paraguayan jungle.

On the weekends, you can find Kasper trekking and paddling Ontario’s parks or composing music in his jamatorium.


Rob Lines, Program Manager

Joining Scout Environmental in February 2016, Rob has managed an array of programs starting with Air Health Check, a national public engagement campaign educating Canadians on air quality and extreme heat, Tundra Take-Back, an end-of-life vehicle and appliance recycling program in remote northern communities, and is currently managing one of the organization’s benchmark national mercury recovery programs, Switch Out.

Prior to Scout, Rob developed his skills as Production Manager overseeing multiple digital and print brands and their accompanying global events.

Outside of the office, Rob spends his time hiking the Bruce Trail and is an avid film enthusiast.