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Tundra Take-Back Nunavik

Tundra Take-Back Nunavik

Sustainable End-of-Life Vehicle, Heavy Equipment and Appliance Management

In 2016, Scout partnered with the Kativik Regional Government to deliver Tundra Take-Back in the Northern village of Kangirsuk, decommissioning ELVs, appliances and heavy equipment.

Tundra Take-Back Nunavik: End-of-Life Vehicle, Heavy Equipment and Appliance Management for Northern and Remote Communities addresses the goal of maximizing the use of existing dump space and diverting significant amounts of waste through scrap metal collection and hazardous waste disposal. Working with an auto recycling expert, an appliance recycling expert and a crew of local trainees, the oils, fuel, coolant and other pollutants were removed and packaged for transport, and the vehicle and appliance hulks were semi-crushed and staged for removal and recycling next season.

Financial support has been provided by the Kativik Regional Government and the Automotive Recyclers of Canada. In-kind support has been provided by La Fédération des coopératives du Nouveau-Québec (FCNQ). The Tundra Take-Back model was developed by Scout, which continues to provide program delivery expertise.

End-of-Life Vehicles in the North

Program Results

  • 72 ELVs depolluted;
  • 15 fridges/freezers decommissioned;
  • 15 pieces of heavy equipment
  • 17 208-litre drums of oil, spent gasoline, antifreeze, and windshield washer fluid;
  • Approx. 20lbs of lead (wheel weights and battery connectors)
  • Approx. 12 mercury switches