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Smart Drive Challenge

Smart Drive Challenge

In 2016, Scout designed and implemented a pilot program, called the Smart Drive Challenge (SDC), to engage, educate, challenge and motivate drivers to reduce their fuel use and related greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. These reductions were to be achieved through a combination of driving better (improving fuel efficiency) and driving less (reducing vehicle kilometers travelled). Participant driving behaviours were targeted through a combination of ecoDriver training, direct feedback, online resources and challenges to compete individually and against fellow participants.

This multi-stakeholder collaboration brought together private, government, non-profit and academic partners to engage drivers in Ontario’s Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA) and British Columbia’s Capital Region.

The pilot project proved to be a success, namely participants achieved a 16% total reduction in their fuel use and related GHGs, with 4,275 L of fuel saved and over 10,000 kg of GHGs reduced. Some of the pilot’s other high–level results included:

  • Over six months after the program ended, participants reported that:
    • Over 85% still apply efficient driving behaviours most of the time
    • 28% are walking or cycling more often
    • 22% are taking public transit more often
    • 16% have purchased a new more efficient vehicle, with some making the switch to an electric vehicle
  • Of the strategies and tools aimed at changing participant behaviours, online training had the largest single impact on participants

Based on the successes and lessons learned from the pilot, Scout is now bringing a new version of SDC to a wider audience of Canadian drivers.

Visit smartdrivechallenge.ca