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Shuttle Challenge

Shuttle Challenge

Commuter Challenge Program

The overarching objective of Shuttle is to educate and engage commuters to take action to drive better and drive less, lowering the impact of their commute on their quality of life, health and the environment.

Participants are given a data logger that plugs into their vehicle’s computer and tracks certain data points, such as distance traveled, fuel consumed and other behavioural metrics. The data is presented to participants through an online dashboard so they can see their driving behaviour and impact and then attempt to improve it. Participants challenge themselves and compete against each other to see who can achieve the greatest reduction in fuel usage, distance traveled and other metrics – and are subsequently recognized and rewarded for doing so.

Shuttle Challenge Video
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The program’s pilot was completed in the GTHA (Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area) in Spring 2013. Part of the target was a 10% reduction in both fuel-consumption and distance traveled. Overall, the pilot participants reduced their fuel-consumption by 15% and their distance traveled by 14%!

Minister's Award for Environmental Excellence

The pilot program was funded by Toronto Atmospheric Fund, Ontario Centres of Excellence, Automotive Recyclers of Canada and Shell Canada Ltd., plus University of Toronto’s Civil Engineering Department and Green Communities Canada.

There’s tremendous potential to expand this program to other jurisdictions or to corporate clients. Many organizations are looking at how to improve fleet performance or improve employee commuting practices.

Read the Shuttle Challenge Report (3.5MB PDF) for more details.

How Shuttle Challenge works

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