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Efficiency Nova Scotia’s Mercury Collection Program

Provincial Mercury Collection and Recycling Program

Scout Environmental has partnered with EfficiencyOne Services to deliver a multi-stream mercury collection program on behalf of Nova Scotia Power. The program collects and safely recycles mercury-containing street lights, business and residential lighting, appliance switches, thermostats, and orphan mercury products. “Orphan mercury” refers to a category of obsolete products that were manufactured with mercury including thermometers, switches and medical devices. Mercury is a toxic, persistent and bioaccumulative pollutant that threatens not only fish and wildlife, but also human health. This program was designed to maximize the collection of mercury-containing products throughout the province and keep mercury out of the environment.

Scout and EfficiencyOne Services have created new channels and leveraged existing collection streams to give Nova Scotians a safe and easy way to dispose of their mercury-containing products. CFLs, fluorescent lamps and orphan mercury products found in Nova Scotian homes, businesses and institutions can be delivered to participating drop-off locations free of charge. Street and outdoor area lights are collected by subcontractors who work with Nova Scotia municipalities to maintain and upgrade their lighting networks, while appliance switches are recovered by ARCA Canada. Thermostats are collected by heating and cooling contractors that participate in Scout’s Switch the ‘Stat (STS) program and can also be returned through one of the program’s public drop-off locations or by direct send back to STS.

Efficiency Nova Scotia’s Mercury Collection Program uses standardized collection containers, streamlined transportation systems and a combination of local and national mercury recyclers to maximize efficiency and use local capacity wherever possible.