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Mercury Waste Storage and Management in Canada

In early 2012, Scout (formerly Summerhill Impact) executed a research and stakeholder engagement project for Environment Canada on the state of mercury waste storage and management across the country. The project’s purpose was to inform policy makers through generating a snapshot of industry’s activities around accepting, transporting, storing and managing mercury waste products. This was done in the context of the impending initiation of the elemental mercury export ban in the USA. To generate this snapshot, we executed online surveys, telephone interviews and online research.

In total, 123 businesses in the mercury waste management industry were identified and profiled, 26 of which were interviewed in detail. Descriptions about the use of best available technology (BAT) and best environmental practices (BEP) were also provided to add context to the industry activity profiles. The findings of this study were presented to Environment Canada and subsequently presented to a wider network of provincial and territorial government contacts.