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Aboriginal Energy Efficiency: Improving Capacity Through Creating Innovative Approaches

IESO Education and Capacity Building Program

Scout Environmental has teamed up with Generation Seven and ECO Strategy to create and deliver a project that focuses on developing innovative strategies to increase the capacity of Aboriginal communities to participate in saveONenergy programs in Northern Ontario.

A scan of the current Ontario energy market showed that participation by Aboriginal communities in the general suite of the IESO’s saveONenergy programs is minimal. The scan showed that the current Aboriginal program is in a state of transition, where the new programming may become quite narrow in focus and already prescribed in the communities that participated in the current iteration of the Aboriginal Conservation Program. Finally, the scan indicated that there is no plan for creating a strategic direction for Aboriginal programming that reflects the wants and needs of communities, or how to increase their access to general saveONenergy programs.

Given these gaps in the Ontario energy sector, Scout, along with our trusted partners at Generation Seven Consulting and ECO, have designed a project that will build Aboriginal capacity to participate in energy efficiency programming in two ways:

  1. By working with communities to determine their wants and needs (and therefore that which will motivate them going forward), and;
  2. By creating and promoting solutions to barriers that prevent their access to the general suite of saveONenergy programs that are offered across Ontario. Improving Capacity through Creating Innovative Approaches has three project components that will result in the development of valuable data as well as a number of tools, educational resources and capacity building opportunities:
    1. Opportunity assessment
    2. Capacity-building test cases
    3. Education

This project begins in January 2016 and extends until April 2017.