Our Environmental Priorities

A Scout is called upon when vision and expertise are required to lead the way through unknown territory toward new opportunities.

We embrace the spirit of a scout by creating and implementing creative solutions to environmental priorities such as product stewardship, environmental health and climate change. We see a future that values a clean environment and healthy communities… and we’ll guide you there.

Below are our key priorities. Across these priority areas, we have a strong focus on reaching isolated communities.


Product Stewardship

Ensuring that products and materials are properly managed at the end of their life as well as keeping toxics out of the waste stream and the environment has been an ongoing priority for Scout. We are particularly concerned about materials such as toxics, with an emphasis on mercury, plastics and textiles. We are also concerned about the waste management issues faced by isolated communities and recognize that these are unique challenges that require innovative solutions.

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Environmental Health

Human health and the health of the environment are inextricably linked. We aim to raise awareness of potential health hazards related to indoor and outdoor air quality, and to engage the public with strategies to take action. We also focus on engaging the public to change behaviour that is damaging to environmental health through strategies like transportation demand management and indoor air quality testing.

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Climate Change

The challenges we all face related to climate change require strategies for both mitigation and adaptation. Our work on transportation demand management and engagement around alternative fuel sources aims to reduce current and future GHG emissions. Combatting issues, such as improving air quality, aims to equip people with strategies for managing the effects of climate change.

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